The Twins

The Twins

Este sitio de visita llamado “Los Gemelos” está ubicado en la parte alta de la isla Santa Cruz, a no muchos kilómetros de la parroquia Santa Rosa, en los lados laterales de la carretera que conduce a la isla de Baltra, a una altitud aproximada de 600 m. Existen diversas formas para llegar a esta zona, pero lo más aconsejable es hacerlo a través de un taxi o bus, ya que se encuentra a una distancia aproximada de 18 km de Puerto Ayora.

los gemelos
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The Twins consist of two craters, on the west side is the largest crater and on the east side is the minor crater. Its formation was due to the collapse of surface materials within underground chambers.

los gemelos galapagos
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Unlike other years when the island began to be populated, in the Los Gemelos area, you could see a large number of the famous witch bird. Currently, it is very difficult to see them in these areas, but if you do, consider yourself a very lucky person. Despite the scarcity of this little being, it should be noted that on this site you can also find a large number of species of Darwin's finches, among which the woodpecker finch stands out. This finch has the quality of using an instrument to search its food among the branches of the trees.

Another very notable aspect of this area are the Scalesia forests that surround the craters. The Scalesia genus is one of 7 endemic plant genera that exist on the Galapagos Islands. The genus consists of 14 species, of which 4 have managed to take on a giant morphology. This ecosystem is unique in the Galapagos and can be found on the islands of Santa Cruz, Floreana, San Cristóbal and Santiago.

On the other hand, if you want to know more about the tourist sites that you can visit in Galapagos, visit: What can you do in the Galapagos Islands?

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