The Cracks

The Cracks

Desde la parte alta de la isla Santa Cruz existen filtraciones de agua que llegan a la costa de la isla, en ciertas ocasiones llegan directamente al océano y en otras a lagunas subterráneas o grietas. Cuando sucede lo segundo, se une el agua dulce con el agua salada convirtiéndose en agua salobre, este es el caso de este sitio turístico llamado “Las Grietas”.

las grietas
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This magical place is located west of Santa Cruz Island. To get there, you have to take a small boat (sea taxi) at the Puerto Ayora dock (on the boardwalk) and disembark at the access dock to Punta Angermeyer. Later you will have to take a walk of around 20 minutes following a path with informative signs that will guide you throughout the journey.

On this hike you will pass Los Alemanes beach and several private properties. Likewise, already reaching the crevices, you will cross lagoons near the hiking trail in which you will be able to observe lava gulls, brown herons, small, medium and large ground finches, curlews, turned stones, ducklings and cactus finches.

las grietas galapagos
Autor: Maytenus Galapagos

The cracks have an approximate depth of 12 meters and a width of 10 meters at the top, this makes the site an ideal place to snorkel and be able to cross underwater cracks. To gain access to the water, it must be done by using a ladder with handrails, since jumping from any part of the cliff is prohibited.

Do not forget to collect your garbage and do not take organic food that has seed, since this can affect the ecosystem. All the waste generated by the visit must be taken back to the town.

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