El Garrapatero

El Garrapatero

This tourist site called "El Garrapatero" is located on the southeast coast of Santa Cruz Island, which can be accessed both by sea and by land. Normally most tourists come to this area via taxis due to its remoteness. There is a path similar to Tortuga Bay beach to access this site, which involves a short walk of approximately 15 minutes.

el garrapatero
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It should be noted that in this area there is a toxic tree called manzanillo. It is totally forbidden to take its fruits or pluck its leaves, this is because this tree can seriously injure your skin. Likewise, it is forbidden to ingest its fruits since they can be deadly for your health. On the other hand and beyond the care that must be taken with the manzanillo, the beach of "El Garrapatero" offers the possibility to make camps, for which an authorization must be requested in time at the Tourist Administration office of the Galapagos National Park .

el garrapatero galapagos
Autor: Maytenus Galapagos

In addition, this tourist site offers small controlled spaces for making bonfires, the same that must be lit with the tourist's own material and not with live or dead wood from the site. It doesn't hurt, but always remember to respect the conservation rules of the Galapagos to help keep these visiting sites naturally. 

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