Darwin Finches

Darwin's finches

Darwin's finches are a group of species of different birds that are related to each other by the investigative findings that Charles Darwin obtained during his journey on the Beagle. There are 13 species that live on the Galapagos islands and one on the Coco island. They all have the same size between 10 to 20 cm. The curious thing lies in the shape and size of the beak, the same ones that are adapted to different food sources.

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Likewise, these small birds are famous throughout the world as they are a visible example of the process by which, from a single species, several have been formed depending on the characteristics of the environment in which they have lived. In the case of Darwin's Finch, the ancestral species from which the 13 species of Galapagos arose, no longer exists.

Darwin's finch species that inhabit the Galapagos:

Cantor: They have a small, thin beak which allows them to eat insects. It is found on the Isabela, Rábida, Santiago, Pinzón, Santa Cruz, Baltra and Fernandina islands.

Large Cactus: They have a large beak which allows them to eat large, hard seeds. It is found on Genovesa Island.

Of Common Cactus: Its beak allows it to eat insects and pulp of Opuntia cacti. It can be found on Santa Cruz Island.

Vegetarian: It feeds on plants and can be found almost everywhere in the Colón archipelago.

Large Terrestrial: It has a large and robust beak which allows it to feed on ticks. It can be found on the Genovesa and Santa Cruz islands.

Medium Terrestrial: Its beak allows it to feed on seeds and can be found on Santa Cruz Island.

Small Terrestrial: This finch can be found in shades of brown, black, and gray on the islands of Santa Cruz and Española.

Small Tree: It feeds mainly on insects and can be found in dry tropical forests within the Galapagos archipelago.

Vampire: It feeds on chicks' blood from other birds and can be found on the Santa Cruz and Genovesa islands.

Woodpecker: With its beak it grasps small cactus branches or thorns to use as tools to remove larvae found in tree trunks.

Darwin's finch species in danger:

Large arboreal: This finch is on the red list of threatened (vulnerable) species. It feeds on insects and can be found in most the islands of the Galapagos Archipelago.

Medium Tree: It is critically endangered, its beak allows it to feed on insects, and can be found exclusively on Floreana Island.

De Manglar: This Chaffinch is endangered, its diet is based on insects and plant remains found in swamps (mangroves ) It can be found on Isabela Island.

Pinzones de Darwin
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If you want to know a little more about the animals you could find in the Galapagos, visit: Galapagos animals.

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