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Who are the Hostal Maytenus Galápagos?

Hostal Maytenus Galapagos: We are a family residing in the Galapagos Islands for more than 30 years. We have dedicated most of our lives to the conservation of the archipelago in institutions such as the Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Research Station. We offer accommodation to families who want to discover the incredible world of the Galapagos. We are delighted to share with our guests all our knowledge and experiences. You can see more of our hostel here or directly in Airbnb.

What is maytenus?

Maytenus Octogona, better known as Arrayancillo, is a small tree that grows in arid climatic zones. 

It has a dark brown bark and long dangling branches. Its rounded sheets with a leather texture are placed vertically to minimize sun exposure. When ripe, its round fruits open to release 3 bright red fleshy seeds.

Responsibilities of Hostal Maytenus Galapagos:

Environmental Responsibility

At the Hostal Maytenus Galápagos we take advantage of natural light and ventilation, we use low-energy LED lights and spotlights. We use energy efficient equipment, water dispensers suitable for human consumption. We store the rainwater, we water the gardens with the water from the washing machine. Native and endemic plant species are part of our gardens. We classify and recycle waste, we use bath soap dispensers and biodegradable cleaning products.

Social Responsability

Así mismo en Maytenus Galápagos consumimos alimentos producidos por los agricultores de la localidad (fruta de temporada, mermelada, café orgánico de Galápagos), aplicamos el Código de Protección Infantil y contratamos servicios locales.

Our Location

What people say


Mariel (TripAdvisor)


The hosts of this apartment hostel are very friendly. They do not mess with the schedules and are attentive. The price-quality ratio is also good, especially if it is canceled among several. Nor is it very central to Ayora, but being a very small city, the truth is that it is not decisive. Another point in favor is that it is not loud.

Antoine (Airbnb)


«Maytenus is a very nice place to spend a few days in Santa Cruz. The house is very clean on arrival but they also take charge every day of having the beds collected and cleaned. The owners are very kind and generous people. I absolutely recommend this place. ”

Alberto (Booking.com)


Patricia is an excellent hostess. He has given us many facilities during our stay. The apartment for two people is very comfortable and is located in a very quiet area.


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