Darwin's trip
to Galapagos Islands

Islands that Darwin visited on his trip to Galapagos

Summary of Darwin's trip to Galapagos aboard the Beagle on September 15, 1835:

darwin y el viaje a galapagos

San Cristobal Island

On his journey to the archipelago of Columbus, on September 18, Darwin first landed on Mount Pitt (San Cristobal), where he collected a handful of plant specimens.

Floreana Island

On September 25, Darwin and the entire Beagle crew were granted permission to set foot on Floreana Island, which was then an Ecuadorian penal colony. Also, Darwin collected specimens of animals and plants on this island.

A very interesting fact that Darwin mentions in one of his diaries is that the convicts ate turtles regularly and that on one occasion a whaling boat had taken about 700 turtles to eat them while they were at sea, which caused their extinction.

Santiago Island

On October 4, Darwin steps on Santiago. On this island he collected many specimens, including fish, snails, reptiles, some insects and several varieties of birds. It was on this island (time) that he realized that the islands were home to different species, since he previously thought that all species lived in all the islands.

Isabela Island

On October 17, Darwin inspects the coast of Isabela where he collected more specimens for his investigations.

Darwin and Wolf Islands

On October 20, Darwin examined Wenham (Wolf) and Culpepper (Darwin) before setting sail for Tahiti. As a curious fact, Darwin never set foot on Culpepper, an island that now bears his name.

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Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Rapid Response Project at NASA/GSFC, Earth Observatory 8270 and NASA GSFC. Galapagos Satellite (2002). Imagen obtenida en Wikimedia Commons. Original disponible [AQUÍ]

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