The origin of species
by Charles Darwin

The Origin of Species

The Origin of the species, is a book cataloged as one of the fundamental works of the theory of evolutionary biology. It was published on November 24, 1859. In this book Darwin proposes that populations evolve over the course of generations through a process known as natural selection. It should be noted that this work is the compilation of several of his studies and theories.

origen de las especies de charles darwin

Subteories of the origin of the species

The biologist Ernst Mayr distinguishes five very important sub-theories within the work, which are:

1. The fact of evolution

2. The postulation of a common origin for all organisms

3. Diversification of species

4. The evolutionary pattern

5. The theory of evolution

Summary of Darwinian Theory

Also, Ernst Mayr manages to summarize the Darwinian theory in the following points:

1. Although there are periodic fluctuations, the populations remain approximately the same size.

2. Each species is fertile enough so that, if all descendants survive to reproduce, the population grows.

3. A struggle for survival ensues.

4. Resources, such as food, are unlimited and relatively stable over time.

5. The individuals of a population vary considerably from one another.

6. The variation of individuals is hereditary.

7. Individuals less adapted to the environment are less likely to reproduce and survive; unlike the fittest individuals who are more likely to survive and reproduce and leave their hereditary traits to future generations, which produces the natural selection process.

8. This process of natural selection, results in changes in populations to adapt to their environments, and ultimately, they accumulate over time to form new species.

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John Murray edition. Origin of species (1859). Imagen obtenida en Wikimedia Commons. Original disponible [AQUÍ]

Maull & Fox. Charles Darwin Seated. Imagen obtenida en Wikimedia Commons. Original disponible [AQUÍ]

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