Centro de crianza
Fausto Llerena

Tortoise breeding center

The Fausto Llerena breeding center is located near the facilities of the Charles Darwin Foundation. This tourist site has a route of approximately 1,359 meters. It starts from its first interpretive part in the DPNG information booth and ends in the turtle and land iguana pens. Likewise, this tour crosses other interpretive sites such as the "Van Straelen" visitor center.

Centro de Crianza Fausto Llerena
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At this site you can see tortoises from many islands in the archipelago. The same ones that comply with the captive breeding program to later be able to repopulate the areas affected in the past, either by the introduced species or by the presence of whalers.

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Likewise, the land iguanas of the Santa Cruz, North Seymour and Isabela islands also carry out a captive breeding program because many of these iguanas were preyed on by wild dogs.

Centro de Crianza Galapagos Santa Cruz
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On the other hand, as a main attraction you can also see the famous Solitaire George embalmed, who died on June 24, 2012. It is estimated that his age was between 93 and 109 years. This turtle is recognized for having been the last specimen of its species, for being a symbol of the efforts invested in the conservation of threatened species and for being the cultural heritage of the Ecuadorian nation.

To take into account

It should be noted that tortoises that are in captivity are in permanent contact with visitors, which is why their presence does not bother them. Remember that it is forbidden to touch or throw some kind of food that is not part of your diet. Likewise, it is prohibited to enter the area where the turtles are located, if there is any doubt, claim or suggestion you can go to the DPNG information booth that is at the beginning of the tour and speak directly with a park ranger. 

Why is the center called Fausto Llerena?

The name of this land turtle breeding center is due to the recognition that the directors of the Charles Darwin Station and the National Park made to the turtle keeper Fausto Llerena, who worked for 43 years in the service of the conservation and care of the center land turtles, especially the lonely George.

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