vegetation zones

Galapagos Vegetation Zones

Zonas de vegetación perteneciente a la flora de las islas Galápagos

Pampa Zone

Here (the wettest area of ​​all) is located on islands with elevations of more than 900m and is one of the areas with the highest production of vegetation in the Galapagos Islands. It should be noted that in this area there is no presence of trees or shrubs and its vegetation is mainly composed of ferns, herbs and reeds.

From Miconia

In this area it is between 600-700 m high. Its name is derived from the Miconia shrub, the same one that once dominated this region. It should be noted that in this area native trees are absent and ferns and liver trees predominate.


Area formed by a dense open forest dominated by plants such as Tournefortia Pubescens, Cat's Claw and the Acnistus Galapagos. Most of its trees are covered by mosses, ferns and liverworts, which give a brown appearance during the dry season.


Unlike arid zones, this zone is characterized by its dense and diverse forest in which it is very difficult to identify which species of plant is the dominant one.

Of Transition

Area characterized by a lush cloud forest rich in terms of soil fertility and productivity, which is why it has been extensively cleared for agricultural and livestock purposes.

Arid Zone

This is the most extensive vegetation area that starts from the beach to a height of 60 m. It is characterized by being a semi-desert forest in which many Galapagos cacti reside, such as the lava cactus, the candelabra and the cactus.


This area is the lowest of all. It is characterized by being always green due to its ability to tolerate salinity at the land and sea interface. Also, this area can be divided by its type of vegetation: The wet coastal or mangrove area and the dry areas of the Coast.

In the coastal wetland, salt tolerant mangroves form in shallow forests and coves. In the dry area of ​​the Coast, there are vines, pastures and shrubs.

If you want to know more about the Galapagos flora, visit: Galapagos Flora

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