Invasive plants
in Galapagos

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Invasive plants in Galapagos

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Invasive plants in Galapagos have been a very recurring and hard problem to deal with over time. The alterations caused by humans in the archipelago's ecosystem have undoubtedly generated a redistribution of plant species on the most populated islands. The introduction of plants outside the islands have led to the loss of native diversity and degradation of invaded habitats. Likewise, they have generated economic problems due to the direct effect on the agricultural activities of the sector.

It is worth mentioning that invasive plant is the one that has arrived or is established because of the migration of the human being's hand, which often causes damage to the ecosystem.

These are some of the invasive plants that Galapagos hosts:

Wild Blackberry (Rubus Niveus) 

Climbing shrub, one of the strongest pests that the Archipelago presents due to the speed of its dissemination. 

Passion Fruit (Passiflora Edulis)

It is a fruit tree also known as "passion fruit" that, like wild blackberry, competes with endemic plants for water and light. 

Guava (Psidium Guajava L.)

Also known as apple or guava guava, it is considered a pest that represents a risk to the Galapagos native species.

Supirrosa (Lantana Camara L.)

The Supirrosa is a thorny bush that can reach 2 meters high. It is known as strawberry or cariaquito. It is a very striking shrub for its yellow and red flowers.

Always remember to responsibly follow all the biosecurity steps that the Galapagos National Park dictates to tourists when you enter the archipelago. In this way you will help the conservation of the Galapagos.

If you want to know more about the Galapagos flora, visit: Galapagos Flora

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