Galapagos flora

Galapagos flora

Although most people who visit the Galapagos Islands go for their incredible landscapes, beaches and animals, the Galapagos plants are not something you should go unnoticed. The Archipelago of Columbus houses a unique and incredible flora that is worth knowing. If you are a nature lover, this information could be very useful. Regarding the flora of the Galapagos Islands we can find:

Galapagos Vegetation Zones

Zonas de vegetación perteneciente a la flora de las islas Galápagos

Galapagos is home to a wide variety of fauna, which has managed to form complex ecosystems that can be divided into areas of specific vegetation, as shown in the graph.

If you want to know more about these areas, visit: Galapagos Vegetation Zones

Invasive plant species of the islands

Mora-plantas-invasoras en-Galapagos
Autor: LFRabanedo/

It is called invasive species to the one that has reached or is set to cause of the migration of the hand of the human being, the same that often causes damage to the ecosystem. It is worth mentioning that some (few) invasive plants have not had much impact on the ecosystem, so they have adapted to the environment of the archipelago in a very subtle way.

If you want to know the most named introduced plants of Galapagos, visit: Invasive plants in Galapagos.

Species of endemic plants of the archipelago

plantas endemicas
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Endemic species is called the one born in various areas by natural means and that once established in a certain place, it adapts to originate new species unique in the world.

If you want to know some of the most emblematic endemic plants of the archipelago, visit: Galapagos endemic plants.

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